The ride out of Manila…

Going to BrisbaneOn October 1st, I was able to mark off another item included in my “50 things before I die” list. Due to sheer luck, I was sent on a training to Brisbane by a company that I joined just 2 weeks earlier. 🙂 The initial trip was supposed to be 3 weeks but Ondoy conveniently cut short our trip by 4 days when it decided to flood the whole Metro Manila area.

The flight itinerary was Manila to Hong Kong, a 3-hour lull period in HK airport, and then we take a connecting flight that will take as to Brisbane.

It was a series of firsts for me.

I was a bit nervous about the take off as a bunch of my friends have always told me that they hate flying and have always likened it to Space Shuttle gone mad. A few days before the flight, I was warned that my ears would probably hurt badly due to the pressure. So as the plane started moving, I started praying that neither would shock me into trauma… surprisingly, there were no heart-in-my-stomach moments nor broken-by-pressue eardrums. It was pretty anti-climactic.

We landed in Hong Kong just in time for dinner! Despite Caloi’s objections about eating food found in Manila, Rose and I opted to grab some food from Popeye’s (which I didn’t really enjoy). The best thing about HK airport? Ben & Jerry’s scoop station!!!!

Probably the one thing I would hate most about flying is how uncomfortable it is to sleep on a plane. Ugh. I tossed and turned with no luck in finding a good enough position, I spent 16 hours realizing why business class was way more expensive.


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