Restarting goals and incentives

I’ve always shared my goals so that people can help hold me accountable. Peer pressure used for good!


I’ve always struggled maintaining a normal BMI, which probably lead to having PCOS and aggravating my genetically-impaired insulin resistance. This year the goal is to get to 125 and stay there.

The journey started at 155 and currently, tipping the scales at 143 through Keto and LCHF. At this rate, should be there by June.


This is an energy booster and a stress-buster. Just makes perfect sense to get in a few hours a week. Baby steps, hit average 6k steps for one whole month!

Learn something new

When you live surrounded by water, it doesn’t make much sense that you can’t swim. I’ve outgrown my fear of getting more dark-skinned so I hope I still have the patience to have lessons. Definitely the end goal of 1 & 2 above. Motivation is spending hot summer days with my baby girl in the pool.


The past couple of years have been extremely eventful — we had a baby and she turned 1, got mortgage for our 1st home and interior-decorated the hell out of it — and that meant depleted bank accounts. We’ve been running last year at only 25% of usual liquid amount and I cringe.

This year will be all about conscious spending and making BDO happy by bumping up that emergency fund while maintaining investments. The road to 1 is on again.


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