You have the right to complain.

Due to the weather not working well with my immune system, I spent the day at home and chanced upon seeing the live broadcast of SONA. I wasn’t really planning on seeing it and was actually asleep on the couch nursing body malaise but for some reason, I woke up as the coverage was starting.

Because I am your typical net addict, I was on fb and twitter while watching Pnoy give his speech. Now, there were those who did great publich service like @Karen_DaviLa who provided real-time updates (woot! woot!) and then there are those who complained about every sentence that came out of the President’s mouth.

It makes me think of how much change can come out of all the yapping and complaining. Will all your criticism build roads? Feed the hungry? Educate our children? Make a better future? I wonder how much the effigy contributed to our economic growth? How did the rally and the chaos improve your life status? How much of the budget will have to go to fixing ruined public property? I say, the call is for vigilance and not pessimism. Don’t confuse the two!

You absolutely have the right to complain but as you do, can you think of what you have contributed to our country ? Have you volunteered for a worthwhile cause? Not cheat on your taxes? Followed traffic rules? Reported law violators? Recycled? Opened your mind for possibilities? Here’s a thought: The Philippines is not just Noynoy Aquino, it’s made up of Filipinos — all 101M of us.

Mind you, it’s a long way to go and the government has not earned my praise yet but I know my responsibility and I accept it. My country needs me to change with it and I shall.

So to you — Don’t just be a Filipino. Be an active Filipino!

Links to SONA 2012:


The Official List May 2010 Senatorial Candidates

Official candidates for Senator in the upcoming May 10, 2010 election as certified by the Commission of Election.
1 Acosta, Jr. Nereus Olaivar (NERIC) LP
2 Albani, Shariff Ibrahim Hussien (SHARIFF) KBL
3 Alonto, Zafrullah Marohombsar (NOLDY) BP
4 Bautista, J.V. Larion (J.V. BAUTISTA) PMP
5 Bautista, Martin Donato( DR. BALIKBAYAN) IND.
6 Bello, Silvestre III Hernando (BEBOT) LKS-KAM
7 Biazon, Rozzano Rufino Bunoan (RUFFY) LP
8 Bong Revilla, Ramon, Jr. Bautista (KAP) LKS-KAM
9 Caunan, Henry Buenaventura (HENRY) PDP LABAN
10 Cayetano, Pilar Juliana Schramm (PIA) NP
11 David, Rizalito Yap (LITO) AKP
12 De Venecia, Jose III Perez (JOEY) PMP
13 Defensor Santiago, Miriam Palma (MIRIAM) PRP
14 Drilon, Franklin Magtunao (FRANK) LP
15 Enrile, Juan Ponce (JPE) PMP
16 Espinosa, Nanette Meliton (ATE NANETTE) KBL
17 Estrada, Jinggoy Ejercito (JINGGOY) PMP
18 Guico, Ramon, Jr. Naval (GETS KO) LKS-KAM
19 Guingona, Teofisto III De Lara (TG) LP
20 Hontiveros-Baraquel, Ana Theresia Hontiveros (RISA H.) LP
21 Imbong, Jo Aurea Marcos (ATE JO) AKP
22 Inocencio, Ma. Katherine L. Reyes (KATA) BP
23 Lacson, Alexander Ledesma (PINOY) LP
24 Lambino, Raul Loyola (RAUL) LKS-KAM
25 Langit, Rey Magat (REY LANGIT) LKS-KAM
26 Lao, Yasmin Busran (YAS) LP
27 Lapid, Manuel Mercado (LITO) LKS-KAM
28 Lim, Danilo Dela Puz (GENERAL DANNY) IND.
29 Lood, Alma Abella (ALMA) KBL
30 Lozada, Jose Apolinario Jr Leconia (JUN) PMP
31 Maambong, Regalado Estrella (DODONG) KBL
32 Marcos, Ferdinand, Jr. Romualdez (BONGBONG) NP
33 Maza, Liza Largoza (LIZA MAZA NG GABRIELA) IND.
34 Mitra, Ramon Blanco (MON-MON) NP
35 Nikabulin, Adz Ganih (COUNT HABIS) BP
36 Ocampo, Ramoncito Poblete (MONCHING) BP
37 Ocampo, Saturnino Cunanan (SATUR) BAYAN MUNA
38 Ople, Susan Vasquez (TOOTS) NP
39 Osmena, Emilio Mario Renner (PROMDI) PROMDI
40 Osmeña, Sergio III De La Rama (SERGE) IND.
41 Palparan, Jovito Jr Salvaña (JOVI) IND.
42 Papin, Imelda Arcilla (IMELDA PAPIN) KBL
43 Paredes, Zosimo Jesus II Mendoza (JESS) AKP
44 Pimentel, Gwendolyn De La Llana (GWEN) PDP LABAN
45 Plaza, Rodolfo Galido (OMPONG) NPC
46 Princesa, Reynaldo Relucio (PRINCE) IND.
47 Querubin, Ariel Oliva (MARINES) NP
48 Recto, Ralph Gonzalez (RALPH) LP
49 Remulla, Gilbert Cesar Catibayan (GILBERT) NP
50 Riñoza-Plazo, Maria Gracia De Veas (GRACE)AKP
51 Roco, Sonia Malasarte (SON) LP
52 Sison, Adrian Ordonez (ADRIAN) AKP
53 Sotto, Vicente III Castelo (TITO) NPC
54 Tamano, Adel Abbas (ADEL) NP
55 Tamayo, Reginald Balisi (REGIE) AKP
56 Tarrazona, Hector Mirasol (TARZAN) AKP
57 Tatad, Francisco Sarmiento (KIT) GAD
58 Tinsay, Alexander Britanico (ALEX TINSAY) BP
59 Valdehuesa, Manuel Jr Echem (MANNY) AKP
60 Villanueva, Hector Labao (KA HECTOR) KBL
61 Virgines, Israel Nicolas (DR. ISRAEL) BP

ambisyon 2010

April 7 was atypical of my Friday nights. For the first time since I was a regular student, I found myself in the familiar insides of the UP Film Institute. I had heard about Ambisyon 2010 in a news segment while facebooking my evening away and though I have often been only present in outskirts of social awareness, I had the familiar inclination of wanting to be involved, to participate and once again, be inspired to part of a society that wants to make a difference.

The project was a collection of 20 short films, running at four to eight minutes in length and directed by brilliant indie filmmakers. Hats off to Paolo Villaluna, Ditsi Carolina, Emmanuel Dela Cruz, Kiri Dalena, Henry Frejas, Jeffrey Jeturian, Jade Castro, Jim Libiran, Erik Matti, Brillante Mendoza, Ellen Ramos, John Red, Raymond Red, Jerrold Tarog, John Torres, Paolo Villaluna, Sunshine Matutina, Pam Miras, Aissa Penafiel, Emerson Reyes, Gym Lumbera and McRobert Nacario.

“Ganito tayo ngayon, Paano na tayo bukas?” was directed by Jeffrey Jeturian and is the sole film that received an X-rating from the MTRCB. The ridiculous “Censorship High Court of the Philippines” claimed that the film undermines the faith and confidence of the people in government. What is there to undermine anyway? The current administration has successfully lost the faith and confidence of the Filipino people a long time ago!

“Ayos Ka” by Brillante Mendoza initially also had an X-rating but it was lowered down to an R-rating after a re-review. MTRCB said that this film was injurious to the prestige of the Republic of the Philippines and its people. Was this film injurious to the prestige of the Republic because it showed a part of the Philippines that they would rather ignore? I think it is more disgraceful that we have such hypocrites running important offices in our country.

Except for the opening part, the majority of Kiri Dalena’s “Requiem for M” only showed images but it conveyed a very strong message. It tackled the Maguindanao Massacre and was the heaviest of all the films I saw that night. Kiri said that “Even if you believe you can’t achieve justice, you still have to keep telling the story” and she did it well because that night, I and the whole world listened.

Of all the 20 films, I cried my heart out with Ditsi Carolino’s Lupang Hinirang. She showed the plight of the Sumilao farmers to fight for their 144-hectares of land and re-reminded all of us that despite the 20-years of agrarian reform in the country, we still have thousands of farmers who are still fighting for land that should have been given to to them decades ago. This film had made me realize how much we fail a lot of our countrymen. I have time and again complained about people from the provinces trying their luck and squatting all over metro manila. In my mind, these people are disillusioned and unpersevering… and then I realized what chance did they have when they have nothing but empty promises?

Each of the 20 films have their own statements and though I may not agree with all of them, each had enlightened me to not waste my vote, to live each day supporting at least one cause, and to never forget.

To know more about each short film, read on at

I will end this post by borrowing a line from the project itself and hopefully, like me, you will also be searching for your own answer.

amBisyon2010 brings together the dreams of a nation—and the possibility of change.
Ikaw, ano ang ambisyon mo?

All hands on deck!

Relief Aid and Donations

  1. NAFCON’s Typhoon ONDOY BAYANihan disaster relief program (USA). Call the NAFCON center at 718 565 8862; or Anne Beryl at 516 901 1632 for the east coast; or Ryan 626 534 4971 for the west coast. You can also email
  2. Sagip Kapamilya. 13 Examiner st. Quezon City. Look for Girlie Aragon (4132667). Donate in Cash or Kind or volunteer to receive, sort, repack the donations.
  3. Citizens Disaster Response Center (CDRC): Relief goods for typhoon victims being accepted at 72-A Times St., West Triangle, QC. Tel (+632-9299820/22)
  4. CRS Office, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. Call 0915-1162853. Food, Medicine, Clothes and other relief items are much needed. A collection point for relief goods was also set up at the GHQ gym in Camp Aguinaldo (near the Soldier’s mall, past Gate 3).
  5. Radio Veritas. Veritas Tower West Ave. Cor EDSA (+632-9257931-40)
  6. UP Diliman Institute of Biology Bldg
  7. World Vision Development Foundation. located at 389 Quezon Avenue corner West 6th St, Q.C.  Accepting donations/volunteers to pack relief goods in QC. Pls. call 374-7618 up to 28.
  8. Secondwind Running Store. 88 Maginhawa St., Teachers’ Village Q.C.
  9. Bayanihan Alay sa Sambayan relief accepts donations Erythrina Bldg., Maaralin cor Matatag Streets, Bgy. Central, QC.
  10. AKBAYAN. 36 C Madasalin St, UP Village, Diliman, QC. Contact Jessie at 4336933 / 4336831
  11. DSWD Batasan office. Drop-off points for relief goods at Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) center at the Batasan complex in Quezon City. Phone numbers +632 951 7119 and +63918 421 9780
  12. DSWD Pasay. Drop-off point for relief goods at DSWD National Resource Operations Center in Pasay City. The Pasay office can be reached through phone numbers through +632 852 8081 and +632 734 8622.
  13. Our Lady of Pentecost Parish (+632-4342397, +632-9290665) per Gabe Mercado, donations are very much welcome. The Parish is located at 12 F. Dela Rosa corner C. Salvador Sts., Loyola Heights, Quezon City.
  14. Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan Task Force Noah, a disaster response arm of the Jesuits, is accepting donations. Please drop it off sa Ateneo Cervini Dorm.
  15. Ateneo de Manila University is now accepting donations for the victims of Ondoy. Donations can be dropped at MVP Lobby. For those stranded/those who need help: To all students who need help or know of people who need help. Please text the name, location, and contact number to (+6329088877166). ATENEO, which is now an open shelter, accepts refugees. Call (+632917-8952792)
  16. Katipunan Avenue. Contact Erica Paredes at (+632917-4741930) — they need bread, packed juice, sandwich filling (tuna, chicken, anything) You can help her make them, deliver the sandwiches to her house, or help her distribute!  Call for more details.
  17. NoyMar relief Operations: Clare Amador (+639285205508) or Jana Vicente at +639285205499). Drop off for relief donations. Balay Expo Center across Farmers Market Cubao.
  18. Greenhills/Mandaluyong/San Juan Area, if you want to help out with the rescue and relief operations, you can drop off your donations (clothes, food, etc..) at La Salle Greenhills Gate 2 tomorrow or volunteer from 9am to receive, sort, repack the donations.
  19. Xavier School Multi-Purpose Center. We are accepting relief goods such as canned goods and bottled water for distribution to those who need them. Call  723-0481.
  20. “LUZON RELIEF: Volunteer / Donate / Pray”: Donations can be brought to RENAISSANCE FITNESS CENTER, 2nd Floor, Bramante Building, Renaissance Towers Ortigas, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City starting MONDAY (Sept.28) / 9am – 7pm Contact Person: Warren Habaluyas (+632929-8713488) or email at
  21. Sen. Manny Villar. For donations please send it to Worldwide Corporate Center, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. 0917 422 6800
  22. CCF. 3rd floor, CCF, St. Francis Center Ortigas.
  23. Miriam Quiambao drop off points: One Orchard Road Building in Eastwood, or message for more details.
  24. Manor Superclub, Eastwood City will accept goods and other emergency items starting Sunday at 10 am.
  25. Victory Fort is opening its doors to those affected by the typhoon. Call 813-FORT.
  26. Philippine Army Gym inside Fort Bonifacio or GHQ Gym in Camp Aguinaldo are now distributing donations for Ondoy Victims.
  27. Whitespace 2314 Chino Roces Ave Ext as a Mkt drop-off for relief goods.
  28. Aranaz Stores in Rockwell & Greenbelt is accepting donations of any kind for Payatas communities affected by Ondoy.
  29. MOONSHINE boutique in Rockwell also accepting relief good to help Ondoy victims in Marikina and Cainta.
  30. LUCA stores (Rockwell, Shang-rila, Eastwood, or GA towers): Send your old clothes & donations (no cash pls).
  31. Caritas Manila Office at Jesus St., Pandacan Manila near Nagtahan Bridge (+632-5639298, +632-5639308)
  32. UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Manila. SAN Manila is accepting donations for the victims of typhoon Ondoy. We are collecting food, water and toiletries. You may drop them off at unit 12-O One Adriatico Place, Ermita Manila or contact 0917.885.71.88 or 0917.665.99.48.
  33. Tahanan Village Multi-Purpose Hall (BF Pque). Please call Jeff Tagle @ 0917 8875824
  34. Hillsborough Village Chapel – Water, blankets, shoes, and clothes may be sent to Hillsborough Village Chapel in Muntinlupa City. These will go to families whose houses were washed out in the nearby sitios.
  35. Ayala Alabang Village – Operation Rainbow (Zac Faelnar Camara). Canned Goods, Ready-To-Eat Food, Bottled Water, Ready-To-Drink Milk/ Juice, Clothing, Blankets. Call 4687991
  36. Playschool International. ACCEPTING RELIEF GOODS: at Playschool International, 46 Ghana Street, Better Living, Parañaque. NO CASH DONATIONS.
  37. Southville International School and Colleges. ACCEPTING DONATIONS: canned goods, blankets, clothes, drinking water, medical equipments, medicines, flashlight etc. Luxembourg campus (in front of Las Pinas Doctor’s hospital, CAA Road) for inquiries contact (632) 825-6374; (632) 820-8702 to 03 NO CASH DONATIONS.
  38. Team Manila stores in Trinoma, Mall of Asia, Jupiter Bel-Air and Rockwell shall be accepting relief goods (Canned Goods, Ready-to-drink Milk,Bottled Water and Clothes) for distribution by Veritas.
  39. Papemelroti stores in 91 Roces Ave. / Ali Mall Cubao / SM City North EDSA / SM Fairview / SM Megamall / Glorietta 3 in Makati / SM Centerpoint / SM Southmall are accepting relief goods (canned goods / milk / bottled water / clothes – NO CASH pls.)
  40. Give donations and drop these at SMART branches located in the following malls: SM Muntinlupa, SM Bicutan, SM Sucat, Festival Mall Alabang, Alimall Cubao, Gateway Mall Cubao, SM Fairview, SM North EDSA-Annex, Alabang Town Center, SM SouthMall and SM Megamall.
  41. Petron: You may bring your relief goods to all Petron branches.
  42. Philippine National Red Cross Donate to Red Cross
  43. Red Cross Online Donation (
  44. 7-11 Outlets. In cooperation with NDCC and DSWD now turning all branches into drop off points for relief supplies.
  45. De La Salle University Medical Center. Congressional Avenue, Dasmarinas, Cavite. ACCEPTING DONATIONS: canned goods, blankets, clothes, water. Telephone No.: (02) 844-7832 and (046) 416-4531
  46. La Salle Lipa (College Lobby). ACCEPTING DONATIONS: Mineral water, canned goods, blankets, instant noodles, rice, and medicines. Leave at college lobby, preferably with your name.
  47. ABS-CBN Foundation & Red Cross
  • Bank: Banco De Oro
  • Account Name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.
  • Account Number – 5630020111
  • Routing Code (for Overseas transfers): BNORPHNN ABS-CBN Branch

Account Name: The Philippine National Red Cross

Port Area Branch
Peso Acct.: 151-3-041-63122-8
Dollar Acct.: 151-2-151-00218-2
Type of Acct.: SAVINGS
Swift Code: MBTC PH MM

Port Area Branch
Peso Acct.: 4991-0010-99
Type of Acct.: CURRENT

UN Branch
Dollar Acct.: 8114-0030-94
Type of Acct.: SAVINGS
Swift Code: BOPI PH MM

Find where you can help: Typhoon Ondoy Situation Map

Find out where you can help!! Typhoon Ondoy Situation Map

Emergency Numbers

ABS-CBN Foundation – 4132667

ABS-CBN Foundation US Office: 1-800-5272820

ABS-CBN Hotline – 4153641

ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya – 4132667

Bureau of Fire Protection (NCR) – 410 6254 / 413 8859 / 407 1230

CoastGuard – 5276136 / 5276137

DSWD – 9517119

Dump Trucks for Rescue – 0917 422 6800/ 0927 675 1981/ 0917 241 4864

Globe Hotline numbers – 211 / 730 1000.

Marikina Rescue – 646 2436

Maynilad – 1626

Meralco – 16220 / 0917 5592824 / 0920 9292824

MMDA – 136 / 896 6000

National Disaster Coordinating Committee – 911 1406 / 911 1873 / 911 1906 / 911 5061 / 912 0984 / 912 2665 / 912 3046 / 912 5296 / 912 5668

NDCC Help hotlines – 734 2118 / 734 2120

NCRPO – 838 3203 / 838 3354

NDCC – 911 1406 / 912 5296/ 912 2665

NLEX Hotline – 35000

Pasig City Rescue – 631 0099


Philippine National Red Cross – 143/ 527 0000 / 911 1876

Philippine National Red Cross (Sen. Dick Gordon) -0917 8997898 / 0938 444BOYS

PNP Hotline – 171

Quezon City Rescue – 161

Rizal PDCC0915 3767070 / 0927 8400133

Taguig City Rescue – 1623


  • SSS Village, Marikina – water has subsided and streets are now passable.
  • C-5, Ortigas – non-passable to light vehicles
  • Ortigas Gines Bridge – non-passable to all types of vehicles ( 5 ft level of water)
  • Espana: UST, Lacson – non-passable to light vehicles
  • Espana: Maceda to Antipolo – 20 cm water level (passable light vehicles)
  • Marikina area, Marcos Highway – non-passable
  • Quezon City no more floods; passable
  • NLEX is now passable, whole strecth southbound and northbound. No traffic build up as of this time. No more floods.
  • LRT and MRT will operate for 24 hours to accommodate stranded passengers. For Sunday, the fare for both rail systems will only be P10, flat rate. Regular rates resume tomorrow.
  • Globe is now attending to a number of cellsites and telephone cabinets affected by floodwaters. Coverage should improve towards the end of the day.
  • “With the exception of the flooded areas of San Mateo, Rodriguez, Pasig, Taytay, Angono, Binangonan and Marikina, potable water supply continues to be available from the taps of 90% of the residents of the East Zone under Manila Water. 18 water tankers have been mobilized to provide water supply to those areas in San Mateo and San Rafael in Rodriguez, Rizal. While laboratory results meet the parameters of the DOH and Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water, the public is advised to boil their water especially in areas that were flooded and whose internal plumbing systems may be leak-prone to avoid contamination.” – From Jeric Sevilla, Head of Corporate Communications of Manila Water
  • Mr. Ramon Ang of San Miguel Corporation is calling on anyone who wants to sell motorized boats. Mr. Ang is buying up to 50 boats for use in rescue operations. Please contact Menlou (09178548744) and Jane. Thank you.
  • Accenture would like to determine the condition of its employees and any assistance or support that they may need. Accenture employees may call any of these Accenture Hotlines: 620-2096 up to 2099, 8495414, 8495394, and 8495754 to leave the following information: full name, project, and workforce (ITO, BPO or Enterprise); physical condition; assistance or support needed; and contact numbers. CONTACT: Louise Sabariaga (632) 8495371
  • BPI MEDIA ADVISORY ON ATMS-BPI EXPRESS TELLER MACHINES. The ATM network is experiencing operational difficulty due to flood situation and downed communication lines.  We are closely coordinating with our telecom provider for immediate restoration to normalize ATM operation.Rest assured that the BPI team is exerting all efforts in providing the ATM services as soon as possible.  Some ATMs could be operational but due to intermittent lines, ATM machines are not yet in their usual normal operational mode. Please call BPI 89-100 for updates.
  • Except for about 40 branches heavily affected by the calamity, BDO will conduct normal operations in all its branches tomorrow. We will make provisions for clients of temporarily closed branches to be serviced by the nearest BDO branch in the vicinity. BDO’s ATM network continues to operate. However, some machines affected by floods and telephone line problems may be unavailable temporarily. We will be providing an update of the temporarily closed branches and their designated ‘buddy’ branches subsequently.”
  • 2009 Bar Examinations rescheduled to October 4)
  • Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET) rescheduled – No date yet
  • UAAP games: Women’s and juniors basketball finals reset to next week; Men’s basketball finals Game 1 reset to October 1 (Thursday)
  • Classes in elementary and high school will be cancelled until Tuesday in Metro Manila and Rizal province, the Department of Education (DepEd) said Sunday.
  • The National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) has announced the suspension of classes in all levels in Metro Manila and Rizal for Monday.
  • St. Scholastica’s College. No classes Monday; classes to resume Tuesday. From VPAA Sr Mary Thomas Prado OSB
  • Assumption College San Lorenzo. Classes suspended to assist and accommodate all those affected by the storm
  • JASMS QC. No classes, all levels, Monday
  • Mayor Alfredo Lim has suspended classes in all levels in the City of Manila for Monday, according to Ms Norma Alcoran of the Office of the City Administrator.
  • Lourdes School of Mandaluyong. No classes Monday, elementary and high school.

Links to other helpful sites: