ambisyon 2010

April 7 was atypical of my Friday nights. For the first time since I was a regular student, I found myself in the familiar insides of the UP Film Institute. I had heard about Ambisyon 2010 in a news segment while facebooking my evening away and though I have often been only present in outskirts of social awareness, I had the familiar inclination of wanting to be involved, to participate and once again, be inspired to part of a society that wants to make a difference.

The project was a collection of 20 short films, running at four to eight minutes in length and directed by brilliant indie filmmakers. Hats off to Paolo Villaluna, Ditsi Carolina, Emmanuel Dela Cruz, Kiri Dalena, Henry Frejas, Jeffrey Jeturian, Jade Castro, Jim Libiran, Erik Matti, Brillante Mendoza, Ellen Ramos, John Red, Raymond Red, Jerrold Tarog, John Torres, Paolo Villaluna, Sunshine Matutina, Pam Miras, Aissa Penafiel, Emerson Reyes, Gym Lumbera and McRobert Nacario.

“Ganito tayo ngayon, Paano na tayo bukas?” was directed by Jeffrey Jeturian and is the sole film that received an X-rating from the MTRCB. The ridiculous “Censorship High Court of the Philippines” claimed that the film undermines the faith and confidence of the people in government. What is there to undermine anyway? The current administration has successfully lost the faith and confidence of the Filipino people a long time ago!

“Ayos Ka” by Brillante Mendoza initially also had an X-rating but it was lowered down to an R-rating after a re-review. MTRCB said that this film was injurious to the prestige of the Republic of the Philippines and its people. Was this film injurious to the prestige of the Republic because it showed a part of the Philippines that they would rather ignore? I think it is more disgraceful that we have such hypocrites running important offices in our country.

Except for the opening part, the majority of Kiri Dalena’s “Requiem for M” only showed images but it conveyed a very strong message. It tackled the Maguindanao Massacre and was the heaviest of all the films I saw that night. Kiri said that “Even if you believe you can’t achieve justice, you still have to keep telling the story” and she did it well because that night, I and the whole world listened.

Of all the 20 films, I cried my heart out with Ditsi Carolino’s Lupang Hinirang. She showed the plight of the Sumilao farmers to fight for their 144-hectares of land and re-reminded all of us that despite the 20-years of agrarian reform in the country, we still have thousands of farmers who are still fighting for land that should have been given to to them decades ago. This film had made me realize how much we fail a lot of our countrymen. I have time and again complained about people from the provinces trying their luck and squatting all over metro manila. In my mind, these people are disillusioned and unpersevering… and then I realized what chance did they have when they have nothing but empty promises?

Each of the 20 films have their own statements and though I may not agree with all of them, each had enlightened me to not waste my vote, to live each day supporting at least one cause, and to never forget.

To know more about each short film, read on at

I will end this post by borrowing a line from the project itself and hopefully, like me, you will also be searching for your own answer.

amBisyon2010 brings together the dreams of a nation—and the possibility of change.
Ikaw, ano ang ambisyon mo?

juvifishy’s smartypants quotes!

“I am restless…guilty that the world is spinning and I am sitting still…”

“Nothing to whine about tonight…And I do not like it when I cannot whine.”

“When you struggle through raging emotions, words like: there’s only you and my girl’ can keep you absolutely grounded…. crushed but grounded. Talk about fairness.”

“Counting the days ’til I get my wings…everyday seems a little bit longer now, even sleep does not give me the comfort of forgetting. Only the happy buzz does the trick and ever so softly.”

“No regrets should ever be boxed…They linger above your head, over your bed floating like dust and the fan does nothing but stir it into activity.”

…find me…

dreamless slumber
under the moonlit heaven
i have sought your hand
beyond the borders of my sanity
into the depth of my crashing emotions…

& i have found you
trapped within my own expectations
i have caught a glimpse
of the could have been,
should have been,
would have been.

beyond words to describe
together we are perfection defined
& real.

i am love eternal—
all that is yours to keep.
without a doubt,
without question,
if you find the courage to ask…

on my mind…

i was just moping around a little bit ago and i was thinking of what i should be doing this weekend, blah, blah, blah and stuff…and i put on my sched that it’s taty and jen’s bday bash this friday (so i need to find a way of getting out of work and getting there…or they’ll be talking about me all night…which any person wouldn’t want…believe me! you wouldn’t like my college friends making you a topic of thier conversation…=P) suddenly, i realized ’twas october already…mah bday is coming up soon!


…and a flood of emotions suddenly hits me which isn’t necessarily sad anymore…just emotions like remembering a puppy that died when you were eight…when i think about it now  sometimes i already find it silly. now i know better…the most painful event in your life will never always be that painful. as days go by and as people enter your life, it moves farther and farther into your memory and one day you think about it and realize, it isn’t as hard as it was yesterday…

and yes, you feel better!