In love with you…

A thousand mysteries enclose our existence
It enfolds and intertwines our lives
& moves about spinning the web
that traps us into each other.

And as i move between restless slumber
into awakening, all i am truly
aware of is the depth of your eyes
and the magnitude of your touch.

And I get lost in the pretense of
everything that is unsaid and everything
that i pretend to exist and everything
else that i wish into existence.

Now each level of my consciousness
is a more heigthened sensation of
the other that preceeded; a measure of
extreme happiness or of extreme insanity…

in love with you….

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the surprise to beat…

there are surprises that always makes your bday extra memorable and i have always been blessed by friends and family who make sure that i get an extra wide smile on my bday. Those that made lasting impressions are my fifth bday, i woke up to gifts on the couch (without anyone telling me the gifts were mine, i was already opening them). There was also my bday during senior year of HS…my classmates (pi.say98) gave me a cake and sang happy birthday on the school lobby!! (most of my classmates were CAT officers and they asked the whole COCC to sing for me…hahaha! whattasight it was.) On that same bday, my HS barkada surprised me by going to my house with prepared food to throw our own little party…

This year somebody outdid themselves. i celebrated my bday a few days earlier for people i knew from work. i threw a party at a friend’s condo, something mediocre with just a little bit of food and tons of alcohol!!! we were excited for the night but i had to spend the whole day in LTO for my license, we were all sleepy that day because we had to work extra shifts the whole week and the neighbors were all testy because we were soooooooo noisy. we had to leave the place, i asked them to go ahead since i’m helping maan to clean the place. they went ahead. they kept on texting and calling for us to hurry up (i could not believe this people! i was trying to clean and they were rushing me!!)…they were somewhere in the sunken garden and as the taxi was approaching the exact spot where they were, i was moving from disbelief to shock to absolute awe. they picked a spot, laid down the comforter and lit the whole spot with candles. staring at what they did, i thought of stars on the grass…i had wished i had a camera in my hand right at the moment i stepped of the cab. instead, i willed my memory to remember every little bit of detail. By the time i got to them, they were all singing and holding a partly eaten cake (hahaha! poor people…we left the food at the condo). The first thing i said was…”I’m overwhelmed. I spent six years in UP and nobody did anything as breathtaking as this…” I would definitely not look at the sunken garden the same way again. They had confetti too and designed the soccer goal (hehehe! look at the background picture). They gave me wonderful gifts: flowers and pillows!

Earlier that day, rose apologized for having no flowers since they had no money and no time to prepare for anything (the whole night she was being mean to me!). i texted them and they said they all just woke up but in truth they just got home from the mall and were cutting crepe paper and all. (damn! i am so in love with you guys!) Rose thought of the wonderful candles (my stars in the ground…). I kept all the candles and some of the confetti and put them in a wonderful box, after the flowers wilt they will go to the same box and so will the balloons that polo gave….i will keep everything for the memories of love and friendship you have proven on my special day.

I had vowed to myslef to do everything to make my bday this year extra special but it was not I who succeeded in doing that…it was ed, master eric, ry, erika, rona, au, mikee, polo, icio, karen, mommy deng, joma, dennis, bullet and his lovely wife kris, maan and rose.This year has more than made up for the year before and all i can say is thank you…

…and all i can hope for is that you feel the happiness that you have given me.