I have great friends!

Someone made me realize that the I have great circles of friends — circles because I have more than one.

  1. They’re not afraid to tell the truth or to break bad news. Of course, this can be very uncomfortable at times but it keeps all of us grounded.
  2. They don’t take sides! Another great realization which had me admiring each of them so much more. They might have their opinions on who is right or wrong but they don’t actively take factions, they just keep on going back to 1.
  3. They tell me and they tell on me. People call it backbiting, I think it’s keeping peace. The intention was, is, and will always be to resolve issues. Again, we go back to 1 & 2.
  4. Not out of sight, out of mind. There’s no real drama about feeling or being left out. We’re also understand that there might be more social circles in our lives so join or not, we’re friends the next day (this does not apply to set in stone dates though unless the reason trumps the event).
  5. They all understand 1, 2, 3 & 4 — well, most of them anyway. I guess that’s enough.

3 days before the last year of being in my 20s…

“How are you?” is probably one of the hardest questions I’ve had to answer. Just how can one describe the myriad of feelings and thoughts that go through one’s head?

Today is probably different. Today I can clearly describe how I feel.

Despite taking my time and a few wrong turns, I am exactly where I belong— somewhere far away from restless, halfway through comfortable and on the way to contentment.

I have realized that I was raised well by very outstanding parents. After 29 years, I now reap the benefits of the values that they have preached. So thanks mom & dad for all the scolding!

I grew up with amazing siblings — my first friends and probably my best. Despite the distance and the lack of everyday interaction, they will fight for me if I can’t and consider themselves as the only people who should make me shed a tear.

I have a long list of great friends. Some I haven’t seen for years but have remained fond of old memories.  It is not often that I hear my mobile phone beep but those out of the blue comments of how much difference I made in other people’s lives can keep me smiling even through the toughest times. Cheers to friendship!

And then there’s Nice! There are days when I can’t quite believe how much more wonderful my life is since the day in the pantry. I giddy with happiness that I am getting married to someone who convinced me that love is worth a lifetime commitment.

Weekend 30

Friday: Dinner at Bagoong Club. Mike, Kaye, Abie, Vince and me — spent the night making fun of Abie’s stories about home.

Saturday: Bought a ton of dvds. Stars Wars, Fast and the Furious, and BAck to the Future Collections. All seasons of NCIS. The latest seasons of Glee and Criminal Minds. Grown ups. A-team. The Karate Kid. Clash of the Titans.

It’s R&R and dvd marathon night! Happy that Celebrity Nails is always very accommodating even with the last minute appointments. 🙂

Sunday: Slept ’til almost noon. Woke up to Nice chatting away about his car award. 🙂 Drove south to celebrate Nice’s Papa’s bday. Bought Praline Banana Cream pie from Banapple and braved the rains pestering the metro. Lunch, some pie and siesta! 🙂 Dinner and then rushed to grab some documents from my parent’s house. Will be ending the weekend with dvds, ellipticals, some blogging, and excitement for Thursday.

Your attitude determines your altitude… Open Happiness

Your heart deserves your trust
A choice made by all of us
The sun will come back tomorrow
There’s a message in the bottle
So come on I’ll meet you there
There’s enough sunshine to share
As long as you know
The bridge between us is a rainbow

a safety net, your parachute or personal shock absorber…

i cry because you make her cry when all i wish for is her happiness…
i want her to keep her fairytales unlike i with broken dreams
i long to hear stories about her passion so it can fuel my existence
i want her to keep the innocence of her youth
the silliness of her beliefs and her faith…
her faith in everything beautiful…
in everything special…
in a love that is endless and mutual.
she is glass on a tripod, still and steady ’til your touch reaches her