I am too tired to fight it
Too drained to even try
In the confines of my darkness,
it gets colder as i scorch.

Bittersweet and painful,
I feel better as i feel worse.
I long for comfort that cannot come
and i simply descend to slumber.

Let me sleep so I can be awakened
…and tomorrow let it be forgotten.

i miss writing…

it used to be easy…

secondary to my nature,

the silent moments, whether forced

or unconsciously happening, produced

a strings of words that sang my soul.

but the hands moved through it’s rhythm and the hours

never did return and it carried the ease of  inspiration…

mid-life and the lull time only produced empty spaces,

and the urge to spin thoughts was replaced

by the craving to sleep through sunrises.


i toast my glass to us

spending the last years

blessed and contented

soft kisses under the stars

my blanket against the cold

you love me still

as i love you always

our dreams are endless

our lives intertwined

i held your hand in my sleep

captured your face in my dreams

i have never lost you

every hour we’ve spent

in my mind.


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