A good one

We just got back from an out of town trip and before I even recount our adventures, I suddenly felt an overpowering wave of gratefulness. So I end tonight with thoughts and thanks and hopes and prayers…

I complain often of how stillness is elusive but this weekend reminded me that my opportunities outweigh my perceived limitations. That I am in control and able while others are without a choice.

I worry about not having enough while others worry about not having any. This weekend reminded me to be thankful of challenging work as it is a means to not only making ends meet but living leisurely.

I pray to be grateful. I hope to not forget.

I hope to work hard. I pray to remember everyday.

I pray to be humbled. I hope to be good.

juvifishy’s smartypants quotes!

“I am restless…guilty that the world is spinning and I am sitting still…”

“Nothing to whine about tonight…And I do not like it when I cannot whine.”

“When you struggle through raging emotions, words like: there’s only you and my girl’ can keep you absolutely grounded…. crushed but grounded. Talk about fairness.”

“Counting the days ’til I get my wings…everyday seems a little bit longer now, even sleep does not give me the comfort of forgetting. Only the happy buzz does the trick and ever so softly.”

“No regrets should ever be boxed…They linger above your head, over your bed floating like dust and the fan does nothing but stir it into activity.”

Quote for the day!

When you’re with stillness, you merge on some level with everything around you. You can’t pin-point where it’s coming from. From inside? From outside? Where? It just is. It is just this moment of peace and stillness. This is what you should be experiencing in your meditation. When you become very good at it, you will have the stillness with you all the time. It doesn’t leave. It never leaves. It is constantly with you—a sense of being. A sense of completion. And a sense of silence. A level of peace is with you at all times.

Source: Principles of Higher Living: The Western Experience Upon the Shores of Eastern Wisdom


my song has finally returned

in a rhythm that seemed to be old

but hinted of being reborn

like a recreated memory of an elderly soul.

forgotten thoughts suddenly flooded

and i remembered a girl from before.

my memory refreshed of buried faith

and the stillness i used to bask on.

forgotten thoughts suddenly flooded

and it lead me to a crossroad:

one road takes me nowhere

and one road should take me home.

my song has finally returned

and i knew i had to make a choice.

i surprised myself when i whispered,

“Lord, it’s time to lead me home.”

on not-so-favorite pillows after all….

i love having tons of pillows and stuffed stuff on my bed…the more clutter, the better! the less space to sleep in, the better! While others have blankies from their baby days or fishnets wrapped around their legs, i had my poohglet! Poohglet is my pet name for a pink cylindrical pillow with piglet as a design. It’s my favoritest pillow in the whole wide wolrd…I used to bring it to my apartment on weekdays and bring it back home on weekends and had sleepless nights missing it. Sleeping is not as good without my poohglet beside me…

A few minutes ago while trying to find more bathroom tissue (you see, i eat bathroom tissue…or at least that’s what my mom claims…hehe!), i was rummaging through the utility closet and you would not believe it but poohglet was in the utility closet. He was warpped in some clear plastic bag and poohglet was all tattered and torn. Out of i-dont-know-what-feeling, I took it out and gave it a hug (Sigh!)…It still reminded me of the feeling of being safe but no longer was it comfortable…no longer was it as pink as it was, it was now flat and the seams were open, cotton was showing up on the sides and yeech! it was dirty! (cotton is supposed to be white, right?). I put it back into the closet with a lingering question in my mind…how long has it been in the closet? how long has it been out of my bed?

Funny…but i simply could not remember when my mom took my poohglet to put away. And to think I always claimed, i could not bear proper sleep without it and cried my heart out when i left it at home… Isn’t it a crazy life? We outgrow things in our life everyday…most of the time, without us even realizing we already did. Things change. I change. And though, we’re a little bit sad to see our pasts in storage closets…we realize some things are just never meant to last, they’ve done their part & have given us gorgeous, comforatble nights (sounds dirty, huh?) and you know if u keep them near you know, the only thing they could give you is an asthma attack! haha!…

What a relief this whole experience is for me…you see,if i can sleep without poohglet then there is nothing that i cannot learn to live without (weeeeeeeeee! so optimistic!!!!)….And i take a look at my bed now, i notice the difference and I see what’s missing but i shrug, sleep in my bed these days has never been better!!!