50 things before i die… REVISITED

I made an uncompleted list in April 2006. 3 years later, let’s see how far I’ve gone…

  1. bungee… it’s so cool when fran (a 62 yr. old amazing race contestant) did it.
  2. 5,000 hits on this blogsite
  3. see the eiffel tower
  4. have a 5-yr relationship (hopefully with someone else… harharhar!)
  5. have a star (one ‘r’) named after me
  6. ride a plane to anywhere
  7. go back to the planetarium
  8. gym for 6 straight months
  9. go to a cheesy valentine’s day concert
  10. ask a guy out on a date
  11. marry… (i think i want this….)
  12. own 50 pairs of shoes (all usable during the same point in time)
  13. have my own condo… (paid and under my name)
  14. have a roadtrip with me on the wheel…
  15. play in a frisbee game… jogadores seem to love it =D
  16. blow 20K in shopping for clothes and shoes
  17. buy dad a car
  18. have a retreat
  19. publish a poem
  20. graduate… (groan!)
  21. finish a book at starbucks
  22. watch jaws again…
  23. go to the surf shack
  24. learn to paint (so i can and nurture the frustrated artist in me)
  25. Host my parents’ golden anniversary
  26. Learn to ride a bike
  27. Learn to swim (…then learn to scuba dive!)
  28. swim with jellyfishes
  29. play pusoy challenge again…
  30. complete the nancy drew hardbound series

promise at daybreak

i first saw you in the darkness
between the hours of night and my dawn
slowly you fill me with
the light of your morning
hovering closely while i move
out of the midnight of my life

wave by wave you wash over me
and the warmth of the sun entertwines
with the breath of the ocean
seeping calmness into my empty soul
crafting promises of unfulfilled dreams
and relentless sadness.

the rush of your passion
into the shore of my defense
creates our own heaven,
infinite and undefined
i bask myself in the delight
of the vow that i unconsciously ended.


Photo originally uploaded by cynezero

In the pale moonlight
the moon glitters against
the calm of the ocean.
It used to be picturesque.
Peaking during midnight,
cradling sweet unfulfilled dreams.
But tonight, the strokes of the darkness
complement the silence
and the night plots its course.
The sea lies unflustered
but the wind is searing…
my calmness has been crossed.

Watch my wrath.