freelancing: with nothing better to do, it’s the best thing you can do.

I have always been a closet internet junkie. This whole mess of virtual networks that made the whole world shrink into an LCD screen is similar to my fascination of Disneyland when I was a kid– simply full of wonders and limited only by my imagination. When I was too busy pretending to be an important executive a few months back, my quest to learn all about the http:// was put in the backseat. So here goes another to reason to add to my ever growing list of why I resent my previous occupation so much. Alas, my love affair was destined to continue and I was reunited by fate to this wonderful place.

Much like Narnia or other fantasy films that I could not quote right now, one human year is equal to 100 internet years. I couldn’t believe how many terms and concepts I do not have any grasp on, which roused my curiosity more. Now as an addicted person out ther knows, one does not realize that almost 90% of every waking hour is spent in front of a computer screen… alt-tabbing from several open screens and almost injuring your right pointing finger from all the link clicking. I will self-confess to foregoing job applications in favor of surfing. But the worsening economic situation will always make you squirm especially if you don’t have anyone putting bi-monthly deposits to your atm. Thus, the start of trying to make this not-so-good habit into a money-generating hobby. But where does one start?

I have been scammed by ‘do survey’ websites twice before (yes. twice. i know. how dumb of me). I don’t know what I hit on google that day but i stumbled upon elance. Clients Love Our Work

I paid membership…but only because I was too dumb not to figure out that you can have free membership. The deal was good, pay $10, you get 20 bids per month and minimum project payout is $50. I was of course eager the first day I joined, I created a skeleton profile. In retrospect, it was nothing worthy of a second look. So of course, there were no winning any bids. I listed it under failed endeavors and moved on.

After two weeks, I fell into one of my boredom spells… and found my way back into the elance site.

So what I did that one fateful day was to look at the projects that I didn’t win and who actually won them. Most of the people who won bid very, very close to the minimum limit of $50. They bid very near to it even if the required hours or length period are several days ahead… almost as if they were bidding for a trial period and not the whole project. I also went looking at the high earnings in the Philippines. I was surprised to see individual people earning $4,500+ for the past 6 mos. At the current exchange rate, that’s 198K. Not bad for working at home.

So I decided on 2 things, re-bid and have someone re-write the profile. I hired someone to rewrite the profile page for me. Next thing I knew, I have a nastygram in my email. It came from Alyson, one of the Filipino premiere individual providers. An excerpt from the infamous email:

“Dont you have any originality? You should create your profile using your own words, you wont get any project just because you copied my profile. You’re the second person who has done that and so far, the first person who did this doesnt have a project till now, and she has been a member for two months now.”

The little bi@#% who I paid to professionally write the profile copied a good chunk of her profile into mine. Thanks to Alyson though. I figured that if someone like her took the time to actually watch out competition … then it must be worth it. Just in case anyone’s curious, Alyson and I are yahoo chatmates now. 🙂

I’ve had 5 projects since I seriously re-did everything… Not yet as good as earning the CCM salary. But I’m home, I get to stop working when I’m tired and I get to work lying down on my bed. Not bad eh?

Clients Love Our Work

for the last 22 minutes of the day…

‘Smokey Manaloto’ IM-ed me earlier ad told me he tried the IQ test quiz in the previous post.

Apparently he scored a 126. He was upset and said he wanted to reason out that he was sleepy and tired…

Google said that IQ scores mean the ff:

  • 115-124 – Above average (e.g., university students)
  • 125-134 – Gifted (e.g., post-graduate students)
  • 135-144 – Highly gifted (e.g., intellectuals)
  • 145-154 – Genius (e.g., professors)
  • 155-164 – Genius (e.g., Nobel Prize winners)
  • 165-179 – High genius
  • 180-200 – Highest genius
  • >200 – “Unmeasurable genius”

…although above data seemed to have been done in 1916….

Still, smokey was classified as ‘gifted’. Categorized with those who finished masters. Not bad for someone who sports a girl’s haircut and loves his sneakers to death…

hehe. mwah!

Excerpt from an email

Dear juvi masilungan,
Thank you for your interest in the test at
Your general IQ score is: 136

You may login at at any time to view your score, purchase your Complete Personal Intelligence Profile or The Consciousness Exercises, or edit your account settings.

Good to know that my brain cells aren’t deteriorating as quickly as I thought they were. 🙂

Kermitt, take the test too. I know you like to keep tabs on your IQ. Hehehe.

writing professionally… almost!

One of the tasks that I got 2 weeks ago was to write on why signing up for a bridal webhosting service is better than signing up for a free blog. It was one task that I truly enjoyed doing but also one of those that I have actually put off until I absolutely had to submit it. (I know you read this Michael…but you might have just cured my scriptophobia so you can’t really be angry :P)

I’ve actually had a rough draft for almost 4 days now but have not given it out as I feel it’s still as ugly as if a 5th grader wrote it. Would anyone believe that I haven’t published anything I’ve written, not even to a school newspaper? Blogging was the only outlet of my being a frustrated writer. hehehe.

But, of course, I knew that I had to deliver so I convinced myself to spend one last hour before I email it. One hour turned to two and two became three….I would have hostaged the piece for 3.5 more hours if not for Australia being 3 hours ahead.

Hopefully, it’s not that bad….nuninuninu.

Crossing all ten fingers for good luck now.