writing professionally… almost!

One of the tasks that I got 2 weeks ago was to write on why signing up for a bridal webhosting service is better than signing up for a free blog. It was one task that I truly enjoyed doing but also one of those that I have actually put off until I absolutely had to submit it. (I know you read this Michael…but you might have just cured my scriptophobia so you can’t really be angry :P)

I’ve actually had a rough draft for almost 4 days now but have not given it out as I feel it’s still as ugly as if a 5th grader wrote it. Would anyone believe that I haven’t published anything I’ve written, not even to a school newspaper? Blogging was the only outlet of my being a frustrated writer. hehehe.

But, of course, I knew that I had to deliver so I convinced myself to spend one last hour before I email it. One hour turned to two and two became three….I would have hostaged the piece for 3.5 more hours if not for Australia being 3 hours ahead.

Hopefully, it’s not that bad….nuninuninu.

Crossing all ten fingers for good luck now.